Wednesday, 28 March 2012

27 weeks...fairhaven

last weekend we went away to fairhaven for the weekend. it was to be our first mini holiday with friends in a couple of years and a first one with Atti. i was a bit hesitant considering he started to get a bit sick on thursday but we decided that it was just a minor cold and that we would regret not going. if anything, we would just come back home considering it was only a 2 hrs drive away. 

the getaway was great: beautiful surroundings, beach, fresh air and great company. but relaxing it was not: Atti spent the whole weekend pretty much squaking like a seagull! i think a combination of him not feeling great and having to deal with new surroundings and people turned our usually chilled and placid baby into an unsettled and restless little man. 

still we found a new super cute cafe in fairhaven (where Atti sat in a high chair for the first time!!), had a beautiful walk to the lighthouse, and a scenic 3 hr drive along the great ocean road (granted that was only to make the little man sleep.) we're learning quickly that sometimes you just have to do what you need to to get some peace and quiet!

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