Thursday, 31 May 2012

36 weeks...daylesford

 we spent last weekend in beautiful Daylesford, where the air is fresh, the autumn leaves are red and gold and the local produce is soul food. the weather was icy but we rugged up and still managed to get out and about for walks around the lake and lazy breakfasts/lunches/brunches at our favourite haunts.
Atti got to pat some alpacas at the Creswick Wool Mills while we fed them. he dug his little fingers into their fur and squealed with delight!
a massive hit was the pool table at the holiday house. Atti spent hours crawling around it (supervised), watching the balls roll around and even figured out to put them into the pockets himself!

the crazy giraffe hat in the last photo was an impulse purchase at the sunday market but has been a great hit!

p.s. we were in daylesford approximately at the same time last year for our babymoon:)

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