Friday, 9 November 2012

30 + 6

It's been a crazy month or two over here, with me juggling work, Atti and everything and anything else in between. Atticus is starting daycare 2 days a week next week so that should give me a little time to catch my breath and catch up...and will give him the chance to be a bit more independent and hang out with some kids his own age.

In the meantime, I though I'd pop in to share a preview of a photo session we did last weekend with Jason. The whole family got away for the weekend to celebrate mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary (and our 6th) and we thought it would be a perfect excuse to get some photos taken. You can see the preview here. How amazing are they!? you'd never know the beach was packed to the brim with people and Atti was in the foulest of moods and this was the only hint of a smile he indulged us with. I cannot waiti to see the rest of the photos!

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