Sunday, 2 December 2012

november on instagram

walking to the park without pram, burnt out and family dinner 

 horse gazing, freeze dried strawberries with dee dee and ball games

 making new friends and developing a taste for at the national gallery of victoria

 beach days, bath hair and being center of attention - always

 discovering the wonderful world of david bromley

 food is for playing, and watching newspaper being blown around the courtyard

 discovering taps and water, climbing stairs and tushie naps

 sick naps, twins with mama, sushi monster

 beach days  and babychino moustaches

 the wonderful world of walking

babychinos, train love and eating dirt...


  1. Thank you, Milena!!! It feels great to be a part of Atti's life! He is amazing!

    1. Hi Alla :) my pleasure... Atti's too much fun to keep him to myself!