Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Big Boy Bed

How things have changed at the Starikov residence! The big boy bed has been operational for a couple of weeks now and the days of psychotic screaming fits in the cot seem like a distant memory. The whole sleep situation has become so much more relaxed because...surprise surprise!...Atticus LOVES his new bed! He rolls around in it during the day, reads books to himself and teasingly tells me "Mama, (i'm going to) sleep" (spat').
He still wakes up a couple of times during the night, but now I just pretty much sleepwalk to his mattress on the floor, collapse next to him and keep on sleeping. In the process of our sleep battles he has become accustomed to sleeping with us next to him, so it's unfair to make him sleep alone all of a sudden. I have no problem sleeping with him and slowly slowly, leaving him and going back to my own bed. It's all about baby steps around here. At least he is now out of our bed, he loves his new bed, and the overall anxiety around sleep has finally been lifted!

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