Saturday, 25 May 2013

21 | 52

"A portrait of Atticus, once a week, every week, in 2013." 

Atticus is lucky enough to spend 2 mornings a week with his grandma, while mama goes in to the studio for uninterrupted yoga practice. As soon as I pack him up in the morning, and say "Let's go visit Nadia today", he starts running around the house collecting cars and books to take with him, muttering "Show me Nadia car, Show me Nadia book"(meaning "show Nadia car, book etc"). 
He always has a big cheeky grin for her as she walks out to greet us and they stand in the driveway and wave goodbye to me as I drive off. They walk to the park, chase each other crazily around the house and, when Atti has his way, go on the occasional sushi drive. They have a secret language of their own and a special bond which is so beneficial not only for Atti but me as well!


  1. This is beautiful Milena. And you are so right. It is such a blessing when our children have such wonderful bonds with their grandparents. Like you say, for everyone's benefit. x

  2. What a beautiful photo and such a sweet moment captured! Grandparents truly are the best!