Monday, 3 March 2014

10 | 52

"A portrait of Atticus, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Atticus: How befitting that the Academy Awards were on this weekend, because your Dada and I are convinced you deserve and Oscar for your dramatic performances of late. You can switch from desperate tantrums to overwhelming fits of giggles within minutes, leaving us all feeling quite amused and bewildered. These two photos were taken in a space of minutes. The top one is your "Gimme your camera!!!" face, and the bottom is the subsequent "Pretty pweeease". Love you to bits kiddo.

I am posting this super early this week, because tomorrow, we are off to Bali for a grown up holiday this time (gulp!). I have been organising and reorganising and over-the-top-organising up to my ears, and really cannot wait to get on that plane! See you all on the other side! x


  1. Atti is super! Congrats on your vacation!!!

  2. those faces!! it's amazing how fast they turn from sad to joyful ;)

  3. Great photos! I love both expressions!

  4. Butter wouldn't melt with those eyes, how do you say no? great to see pics from across the globe x