Tuesday, 18 September 2012

first candle

 While my regular "12 month in the chair" post is in production, I thought I would share these images of Atticus' first birthday candle and giant birthday muffin.

He was absolutely mesmerised by the flame of the candle and was (surprisingly) very reluctant to stick his little finger in it! He tested the waters with his toothbrush first...from which he had been inseperable all evening!

The toothbrush came in handy when it was time to eat (and destroy) the muffin! 

Happy Birthday sweet sweet Atticus! This year with you has be a treat! 

party hat arrived just in time from Dainty Couture


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!
    Happy Birthday Atti!!!!

    1. Hi Alla, thankyou for your wishes and beautiful gifts! Atti loved them! I sometimes feel I'm writing these posts just for you because I know how much you enjoy and anticipate them. It's great to have you join us on this journey:) x

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