Saturday, 22 September 2012


 Weight: 8.9kg  Height: 76cm

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy! I'm still not quite sure how we happen to be at "1" but here we are... and you have suddenly turned into the coolest toddler (!!) I know! (admittedly I am a little biased)

Unfortunately your birthday has coincided with a really stubborn and painful tooth coming through on the top...I feel your pain little man! Cutting teeth is no easy feat!

Aside from the teething situation, Atticus continues to be the happiest, busiest and most social little man! At our 1 year checkup the nurse said that we may have a "gifted child" on our hands because his language skills are that of a 2 year old! To put it simply, Atticus is a chatterbox! He repeats everything I say and responds to both russian and english names of object/sounds/things.
These are some of the words he says:

- awo (hello)
- ba ba (bye bye)
- Mummy (means yummy although I think he's started to relate   "mama" with me)
- nada (nadia)
- sasha (loves saying "s" sounds)
- nina (marina)
- ayi (alec)
- boo (book)
- tita (teacher)
- shoes
- nana (banana)
- apple
- popa (bum in russian)
- 'ary (harry)
- baw (ball)
- no no no (for Spenny and point with his finger)
- saaage (massage)
- moo, maaaa (meow), brr beep beep (car), tu tu (train), woof, bzzz (bee), sssss (snake), oo oo (monkey), 

When Asked his name he proudly exclaims "Attiiiii" and when asked how old he is he says "too", no, you're one, I say, "no, too" he persists.

He loves to sing and dance. He plays ball with Harry and threads round puzzle pieces onto a rod. He blows my mind!

Atti's favourite past time by far remain books. He goes through his books throughout the day, turning the pages and babbling away as though he's reading them out loud. When we read books together, he listens attentively and points to the pictures on the page making the relevant sounds for animals etc.

Atti continues to be an expert crawler but has recently moved up to walking holding onto one hand only. His balance is really improving and I think he's become a bit more interested in the whole "walking thing". Not long now I think.

Tomorrow we are having a big party for you, my boy, and we've been planning for weeks. I've sewed together some decorative flags and baked you a big cake and your daddy has marinated lots and lots of meat. All of your grandparents are busy with preparations and your friends are looking forward to seeing you! It's going to be a wonderful day!

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  1. Atti is the best 1 year old! And I am not the only one person checking the blog! Anna and Kima are your readers too, Anna says she proudly shows Atti's pictures whenever people talk about kids.
    Now we are waiting for the report from the party!