Thursday, 24 January 2013

16 update

I haven't done of these posts in a while and considering how much development has been going on in Atti's world it is long overdue. Here are some things Atticus has been getting up to lately:

  • Atticus is a wordsmith. He repeats my EVERY. SINGLE. WORD... ALL. THE. TIME.
  • he knows the names of all the animals, their sounds, all variations of transport, talks in mixed russian and english but knows that cat/dog/cow in both languages says "meow, woof, moo"
  • we full on conversations! "bye bye" he says "bye bye, where are you going?" i reply, "Alec" he says, always "Alec"
  • he's making sentences, "bye bye, dada, see ya"
  • we walk past dogs in the street and he yells "no! sit, sit" from his pram
  • asks for water, biscuits, milk, apricots, books, anything he likes
  • Atticus loves songs and music. He sings along to Elmo in the car as well as a CD of old school russian children's songs and asks for me to put certain songs on. When there's a catchy beat, he moves his hips to the beat and shimmies his shoulders.
  • These are the songs we sing: "Happy Birthday", "Do...a deer...", Antoshka", "Twinkle, Twinkle little star"
  • These are the books on high rotation at the moment and these are ones that Atti asks for depending on time of day and his mood: "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", "Madeline", "Goodnight Moon""Peepo""Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes""Lost and Found"...just to name a few...we know them all off by heart already and Atti is always on cue making sound effects for relevant pages/characters
  • Atti has started making more of an effort trying to use the spoon to feed himself and has started trying to put on his own shoes, hat and tshirt.
  • "Park" he says, grabs my hand and pulls me to the door, pulling on the handle to try and open it.
  • Since discovering that his full name is Atti-cus he has deduced that everyone else is also "Dadacus", "Mamacus", "Ninacus", "Alecus".
  • Point to pictures in a book and says, "Show me cake", "Show me car", "Show me bird"...
  • Point to nose, eyes, ears and says "Nos", "gaza", "uki". Also refer to glasses/sunglasses as "Gaza" and yells it out loud while pointing to someone wearing glasses.
  • Is slowly becoming a better eater. We have taken the tray table off his high chair so he can now climb into it himself. When I ask him if he's hungry, he runs to the chair, yelling "Chair, chair", climbs up into it and starts yelling "Kasha, Kasha!" 
  • When we go to watch trains he now yells "Coming coming, tootoo coming!"
  • Plays with his (or my) hair when settling himself to sleep.
  • Sleeping is still a nightmare, wakes up every couple of hours and still spends half the night in our bed...we're working on it...trying to keep in perspective that  HE WILL EVENTUALLY SLEEP! We've ordered him a big boy bed so hopefully that will change things up a bit. I have a theory that he really hates the cot and sees it as a bit of a cage. 

** Photos taken at Dad's birthday lunch at Fitzrovia

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  1. Thank you for the updates! Unbelievably cute, Mamacus!