Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas in Blairgowrie | Part 2

Beach walks with Atti on my back are becoming a little more difficult as he gets longer and heavier (although I really don't know how he's putting any weight on considering he hardly eats anything). He loves the seaside though, collecting rocks, shells, eating sand and picking flowers.

He's also become a bit of a Maugli, always hanging out with the dogs, sharing his food with them, trying to steal their food and drink water from their bowl. We would constantly find him sitting with the dogs, singing them songs and telling him stories in his own language. Although Harry stays as far away from him as he can, Spencer is surprisingly tollerant; letting Atti pull his hair, pinch him, stick tiny fingers into his nose and chase him. He doesn't complain, just happy to have someone to play with. They have a month between them in age, and maybe they have a special relationship. They play wrestle; Spencer nibbles on Atti's hands and Atti squeals with laughter, trying to bite him back.

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