Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2 firsts

photo taken 25 november...10 weeks, 5 days

We had a day of 2 firsts today. The first first was that after weeks of curiously following Harry around with his eyes, Atticus reached out and actually touched him on the nose! To which Harry responded by vigorously licking his hand until I had to pull them apart. Harry is constantly trying to get to Atticus: he licks him at any chance he gets, check on him when he's in his cot, sleeps next to him when he's sleeping in his swinging chair...so it was really exciting to finally see Atticus reach out to him. 

Their first interaction however, was when I was around 8 months pregnant; my belly swollen with a very active baby boy. Fil and I were vegging out on the couch in the evening when Harry jumped up for a cuddle. He leaned heavily on my belly, which didn't suit the little person inside. Harry jumped up in surprise at the forceful kick he received. He turned around, raised his eyebrows a bit and then leaned back down only to receive his second kick in the side!

The second first was that I discovered Atticus face down in is cot, with his head down the feet end, wriggling frantically away in his swaddle. So he's finally managed to roll over on his belly and rotated a full 180 degrees! We're constantly surprised at how active he is in his sleep. We've been going to bed to the sounds of mattress base clanging away against the bars as if he's trying to escape from his prison cell. I assume now would be the time to start weaning off the swaddle!?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

3 months

We had our monthly photo session yesterday. Hard to believe it's been 3 months already!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

knitted creations

 7 days

3 weeks 4 days 

11 weeks

I have always been a knitter but up till now my knitting has always manifested itself into scarves...long scarves, short scarves, fat chunky scarves and skinny slinky scarves. When I found out I was pregnant, I straight away knew I wanted to knit my little bubba a blanket. Something made with love, that would stay with him as a keepsake. However, once I started I couldn't stop! I discovered a wonderful world of knitting tutorials on youtube and great baby patterns on the internet. Plus, the sheer tiny size of everything meant that projects were quick to get finished and I was constantly surprising myself with my new found abilities!

These photos are the beginning of items he has started to wear. (there are plenty more waiting for him to grow into them...stay tuned!)

Photo 1: Forever Baby Blanket. pattern via here.
Photo 2: Owl Sleep Sack and Matching Hat pattern via here.
Photo 3: Minnow Hat...knitted for a friend's baby's "Under the Sea" themed birthday party...pattern via here

12 weeks...nudie pics

We took some long overdue nudie shots today. Atticus loves being naked and wriggles and squirms as soon as the nappy comes off. He had a blast especially when he weed all over the bed and then got to roll around in it! It's all about the simple pleasures of life, isn't it?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

11 weeks 3 days

Weight: 6.36kg Length: 62.5cm

Obsessions: hands... licking, sucking, looking at... hands hands hands

Superpowers: mysteriously rotating on the spot exactly 90 degrees in his cot... quite amazing!

Social skills: smiles smiles smiles... especially at silly noises and happy faces.

Interests: quite intrigued by the big brown shape of Harry and follows him around with his eyes.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Welcome to Bubbalog!

After months trying to capture my bubba's adventures in a journal, through photos and video, good old facebook and whatsapp, emailing random photos to grandparents and friends, I've decided it's time to bring everything together in one platform...

A cyberspace where words can sit under pictures and little videos can bring to life the special moments of a little man changing before our very eyes.

Atticus is 11 weeks old now and as they all say the time has gone by in a whirlwind. There will have to be a little bit of recapping before we move on. The journey begins!

18 september 2011 ... day 1

14 august 2011...week 38