Tuesday, 28 February 2012

23 weeks...ears

dear Atticus, I think you've found your ears. 

now every time you feed, your little hand is busy trying to rip your ear off.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

5 months

weight: 7.206kg length: 66.5 cm

social skills: this young lad is becoming cheekier and cheekier by the day. he's figured out that that smile of his is a pretty powerful tool and uses it to charm the pants of anyone he come across. of course pretty young ladies are a favourite. whenever we go into shops, he's always making eyes and sideways smiles at the pretty salesgirls and loves being the centre of attention. "my my he is a looker" one particularly pretty girl said the other day. 

accomplishments: Atti is an avid roller..still only to his left side but he rolls all the time and loves being on his belly. he comes off the floor pretty high now and pushes really hard into his little fists. this results in a pretty funny belly shuffle backwards and I have to keep picking him up and placing him back into the middle of his play mat. he loves standing and sitting. in fact when we pull him up to sitting by the hands, he straightens his legs straight away and wants to stand. his bum wiggles around like he's got a hula hoop around his waist but he is extremely proud of himself and will look around with a massive grin on his face to see who's watching. 
the hands have become really good too. grabbing at anything within reach.
we've also started solids which Atti is loving. this changes things up completely; not only the mess around the house, his clothes and our couch, but nappy changes have now become a whole new story!
Atti is discovering all sorts of things to do with is mouth. he loves sucking on his bottom lip, he's making more and more new sounds...and the new favourite pastime is blowing non stop raspberries with his lips so vigorously and enthusiastically that he actually has bubbles and spit pouring out of his mouth like a fountain and collecting under his chin in a sort of bubble-beard. it's very amusing...both to me and him.

interests: my hair is currently a very amusing toy for Atti much to my regret. not only has it been falling out at an alarming rate, but I now have to wade off tight little fists pulling as hard as they can. he loves watching loose bits of hair dangle over him like a mobile when I look over him in his cot or on the change table. reaches out and tries to catch it so he can shove some hair in his mouth. whenever I have him sitting on my shoulders, all he wants to do is nestle his face in my hair and drool in it (or vomit like he did the other day). 
Harry and Spenny are also still fascinating and I often catch him  looking at Harry and cracking up like he's the funniest thing he's ever seen. quite amusing!
smiles are always a favourite...as are silly sounds and raspberries on his belly and feet. this usually sends him into an uncontrollable fit of laughter and I have to stop myself just to let him get a breather. ah...the simple joys of life.

Monday, 13 February 2012

...in the nursery

so I thought i'd share some details of the nursery. it took a while to collect everything and for pieces to find their home and I'm finally really happy with how it's turned out. i'm sure it will look very different very soon :)

cars in the "garage" already waiting for their master to take them for a spin.

this 2.1 metre giraffe, carved out of a single piece of wood was the first piece Filipp and I bought for the nursery. we found him at the Mill Markets in Daylesford on our babymoon last June. we loved him straight away and were super happy when he barely fit into our little Golf. all three drove happily back to Melbourne with his head between Filipp in the driver's seat and me in the passenger's seat.

evil eye from nomadic son also in Daylesford

 I love this name canvas, a New Year's gift from my parents. it hangs above the change table and keeps Atticus entertained during the nappy changes

a handmade mobile that also hangs above the change table. the painted twig was made by a friend and recycled from the wishing tree for my baby shower. we hung some of the 'wishing birds' on it as well as a little dream catcher I made for Atticus and Mavis the monkey. I think Mavis might have to get down from the branch once little man wants to play with him.

the letters spelling BOY sit on the window sill and were a baby shower contribution from another friend. I love being able to re-use objects made by friends.

Atti's book collection (both in russian and english)is growing weekly and I can't wait till he really starts enjoying them. I love children's books and have started reading some to him but at the moment all he wants to do is bash the pages and put them in his mouth.

we purchased these animal prints at the shirt and skirt markets at the Abbotsford convent. 

the beautiful handmade bunting and matching bib was a gift from aunty Alice for New Year's

love this freckle rug  and matching coaster

Atticus' astrological crystals sit on top of  the side table alongside a wooden horseman. Atticus often falls asleep to the sound of classical music or smooth jazz tunes on the radio

21 weeks...ACCA

These photos were taken by Irina at the Pipiloti Rist exhibition at ACCA last week. I love the darkness and haziness in them and the look of sheer amazement on Atticus' face.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

20 weeks...rolling

dear Atticus, 
you've gotten really good at rolling over onto your belly...only to your left side at the moment but you're very good at it. the only problem is that once you get onto your belly, you start getting frustrated and flailing your arms around like a baby bird attempting flight. your look is of such desperation and accusation as if I'm the one that made you do it! and as soon as I roll you back onto your back, you momentarily end up on your belly again. and so it goes...back and forth...back and forth...