Thursday, 31 May 2012

36 weeks...daylesford

 we spent last weekend in beautiful Daylesford, where the air is fresh, the autumn leaves are red and gold and the local produce is soul food. the weather was icy but we rugged up and still managed to get out and about for walks around the lake and lazy breakfasts/lunches/brunches at our favourite haunts.
Atti got to pat some alpacas at the Creswick Wool Mills while we fed them. he dug his little fingers into their fur and squealed with delight!
a massive hit was the pool table at the holiday house. Atti spent hours crawling around it (supervised), watching the balls roll around and even figured out to put them into the pockets himself!

the crazy giraffe hat in the last photo was an impulse purchase at the sunday market but has been a great hit!

p.s. we were in daylesford approximately at the same time last year for our babymoon:)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

our first mother's day

i've been meaning to upload these photos for a while and finally found an opportunity.(i always plan to upload photos but time just seems to get away). on the second sunday of may, we celbrated our first mothers' day with a leisurely breakfast with grandma n, and a chilly autumn lunch with grandma m and great grandma z!
Atti got into the role of being the superstar centre of attention very quickly and enjoyed monkeying around all day long! what a little flirt!

p.s. that grey knitted scarf with red tassels is one of mumma's latest creations:)

Monday, 21 May 2012

8 months

weight: 8.150kg length: 70.5cm

 Oh my, how did we get to 8 months? Atti has really grown into such a little person over the last month that i now think of him as a little man rather than a baby. the biggest development is that we are now crawling! yes, we're on the move. it all happened so quickly, first getting up on hands and knees and then he finally figured out how to push himself forward and in the space of a couple of days suddenly became a pro commando crawler! filipp has been busy putting up baby gates and hiding all the lose cords etc because Atti is busy exploring! it's so fascinating now observing him explore the objects that interest him and seeing him go where he wants to go. key objects of interest are...Harry....he's always chasing Harry, but also, my little hand held vaccum cleaner, chair legs, bathroom tiles, Harry's water bowl, glass doors fact as soon as he sees the sliding door open to the backyard, he crawls with all his might! he just wants to go outside and play fetch with the dog! 

Atti now has his top front teeth too! They broke a couple of weeks ago and i think they really bothered him. he was completely off solids for 2 weeks before they came in and wasn't sleeping very well.
ma ma ma and ba ba ba are new sounds that have been added to our vocabulary...he loves to babble! he loves to play peekaboo and look at himself in the mirror. to get someone's attention he keeps looking and smiling at the person with the cheekiest smile and when he finally gets your attention, he starts swinging his head from side to side with the biggest grin on his face! it's quite amusing. 
  ** on a style note, Atti's beautiful jumper and matching socks are from petit bateau and were a gift from my colleague.
(yes, i look tired in this photo)