Monday, 20 August 2012

11 months

One word. Cheeky. 
This is Atti's favourite face at the moment: cheesy grin, squinted eyes and scrunched up nose....and boy is he proud of himself! At 11 months, this kid is a big bag of laughs, babbles, mischief and endless fun. He's up for any adventure and if he gets bored, he entertains himself by flirting with and poking faces at anyone around. This kid can put a smile on anyone's face and I'm so lucky to get to hang out with him every day!

And boy is he a chatterbox! These are his words:

Hello - sounds more like "hawoo" (my personal favourite)(whenever he hears a phone ring he says "hawo" very casually nonchalant...)
Bye Bye - "ba ba"
Yoghurt - "goot" (until today I thought he was saying "good" but finally figure out it's actually yoghurt)
"Mama", "dada" - but I don't think they have a meaning still.
"sit" - to Harry
"popa" - (bum in soon as he's on the change table it's "popa, popa, popa")
"Atti" - HIS personal favourite! (Today I caught him going through a book with pictures of babies in it and at each one he points and says "Atti, Atti")

Our other favourite game is making sounds. These are his sounds:

"a a a" (complete with panting motion) - dog
"moo/boo" - cow
"ma" (meow) - cat
puckers his lips with no sounds - fish
"zzzzz" - bee
"tu tu" - train

He blows kisses with fishlike lips, and has only now actually started to become interested in clapping his hands. (I have been trying to teach him to clap for months)

Atticus loves books, is constantly pulling all his books out of the book box and sits there leafing through them, babbling away at the pages as if he's reading them. He's also started to squeal with excitement as soon as I pull out a favourite book to read. It's hilarious. 
He loves drawers, doors, cupboards...but he loves more discovering all the goodies hidden within. He's obsessed with trying to get into the dishwasher, the shower and drinking water out of Harry's bowl. 
He's crawling at super speeds, cruising along furniture, sitting down and pulling up with precision control and can take a few steps holding only onto one hand. This morning he STOOD by himself for about 5 seconds! Blew me away to say the least.

Atti has started sitting with crossed legs (above) kills me. It is the pinnacle of cuteness.

I can't believe there's only one month of babyhood left...How did that happen? Time to start planning that party!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

july on instagram

It's starting to feel like a long time between monthly posts and think it will be nice to do a monthly wrap up of our instagram shenanigans. so here it goes....
 Atticus climbed up to the second step...
 very nonchalant...
Our morning coffee run has become a ritual on weekends for the whole family...
 As soon as the sun peaks through the afternoon clouds, we manage to sneak in some swinging in the little courtyard....
 Poor little Atticus had his first real cold complete with fever, runny nose and coughing. We spent a couple of days parked on the couch, cuddling and snoozing all day long.
 The boys love playing with F's new ipad in the mornings....
 Atti snoozing in the Ergo while we eat cake for F's birthday...
Atticus has become our resident dishwashing technician. He never misses and unloading session! (he never misses a loading session either but we try to save those for when he's not on the lose)
oh and he's officially a vegemite kid!