Monday, 26 November 2012

walking! blairgowrie

Yet another wonderful weekend spent in Blairgowrie. Lots of beach walks and breakfasts out. Atti revelled in being able to explore the garden on 2 feet and would have been happy to spend all his waking hours digging in the dirt, trying to catch bugs, sticking his fingers into every nook and cranny, chasing the dogs and generally getting up to mishcief.  

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Dear Atticus,
This was your last breastfeed. Your new found enthusiasm for cow's milk and the novelty of drinking out of the bottle, has outweighed the comfort of nursing at your mama's breast. We've had a great run breastfeeding and I feel like it's made our bond really special. But I feel like it's the right time to stop. It's a little hard to accept that this special part of our relationship is over, but even harder to accept the fact that you really are not a little baby any more. I still need to pinch myself when I see you casually walking around the house, demanding "ota" and "more, more, more".

Sunday, 18 November 2012

14 months

Lets keep this short and sweet. Here's a snapshot of Atticus at 14 point form.

  • WALKING...for about a week now. He waddles around the house with the cheekiest smirk on his face. And when he is about to lose his balance, he plonks down on his bum. No massive stacks yet.
  • CHATTERBOX...I have lost count of his words and sounds. He doesn't miss a thing! He will hear a train signalling in the distance or a bird chirping outside at the crack of dawn. He repeats every single word I say. To dogs in the street he yells out "DoK...woof...sit" He can count from 2 to 6 all by himself (refuses to say "one") and then adds in nine(naaaaain) and ten (tet) for good measure. Always rounded off with a big YAAAAAAY!
  • LIDS... Atticus loves anything with a lid. Jars, bottles, deodorant sticks, perfume....putting a lid on a bottle and pulling it off can keep him busy for hours! cheap thrills:)
  • NO!!!... The "No" phase has begun. And when he says "no", he means "no". It usually comes accompanied by a "talk to the hand" hand. Or a shake of the head. And sometimes even followed by "topp it" (stop it). "Atti, come kiss mama" I say. "NO" he yells, "TOPPPIT"! I didn't think I'd be facing the kiss rejections so soon :(
  • C-YA...he bellows every time anyone comes, goes, or even walks out into another room.
  • ELMO...loves tickle me Elmo that he hijacked from Aunty DI. cuddles and kisses him and bounces up and down when Elmo play music and sings.
  • CLIMBING...on everything. Climbs on and off our bed solo, the couch, chairs, benches, stools, anything within reach.
  • MAMA...finally finally started calling me "Mama". 
  • SLEEP...still spends half the night in our bed, which to tell you the truth is really lovely when he's sleepy and cuddly but not when he want to play and pull my hair out or bash us in the head. (or for that matter throw mobile phones at our heads) He had his first independent sleep-over at "Ninna" and Alec's house last weekend(!). Everyone survived. We're thrilled.
**photo credit to the wonderful jason

Friday, 9 November 2012

30 + 6

It's been a crazy month or two over here, with me juggling work, Atti and everything and anything else in between. Atticus is starting daycare 2 days a week next week so that should give me a little time to catch my breath and catch up...and will give him the chance to be a bit more independent and hang out with some kids his own age.

In the meantime, I though I'd pop in to share a preview of a photo session we did last weekend with Jason. The whole family got away for the weekend to celebrate mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary (and our 6th) and we thought it would be a perfect excuse to get some photos taken. You can see the preview here. How amazing are they!? you'd never know the beach was packed to the brim with people and Atti was in the foulest of moods and this was the only hint of a smile he indulged us with. I cannot waiti to see the rest of the photos!