Thursday, 19 July 2012

10 months

"Attiiiiiiiiii!!!" this is the first sound I hear in the morning as soon as Atticus opens his eyes! "Atti, Atti, Atti...." he says it with such concentration and pride! He also says "up", "mama", and occasionally "bye bye". His favourite animal sound is "mooo", which sounds more like "boo" at this stage. I often find him sitting in some corner of the house "mooing" for minutes on end. Sounds like I have a little cow in the house! Other animal sounds Atti knows is "woof woof" for dogs and lately he's been making a very serious effort at buzzing like a bee!
 His tongue is always hanging out lately and that little index finger likes to poke at everything and everything! He's crawling, pulling up, sitting up, rolling over and cruising at full speed. Harry is finding it harder to hide from Atticus and often grunts at the fact that he has been caught off guard yet again. Atticus has figured out how to open drawers and cupboards, pull toys out of boxes, lift up rubbish bin lids and toilet seats, open and close doors, pull chords out of electrical outlets. The house is in a constant state of chaos, as soon as I tidy one area up, he's already somewhere else making another mess. 

 Socially, Atticus is a delight! He's extremely friendly, cheeky and happy to make friends everywhere we go! Everyone knows him at our local shops and he's quite happy to indulge anyone who stops  us in the street for a chat with a big smile.
 He's finally started to enjoy solids and is a big fan of soups. I have literally become a big soup kitchen. Strawberries, bagels, yoghurt and Vegemite are all favourites!
Deep sleep remains elusive to us all and we are effectively co-sleeping at this stage and doing anything that works. I'm in a happy place about it all though, as it means we get to cuddle all night and if Atti wakes up, I can usually just give him a boob and we all go back to sleep. We're at the point where we recognise that it's just a phase and Atti will move on when he's ready but this seems to be working now and we're feeling a bit more rested and less sleep deprived.