Thursday, 4 April 2013

the dandenongs

 Ok, I know that first image is out of focus, and how I very much wish I had gotten the focus right, but something about it still compells me... and so it is included in today's post.

Last weekend we drove up the the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, to buy some tea and explore...We checked out the historic railway station at Emerald, stocked up on our favourite French Earl Grey Tea in Sassafrass and had milkshakes and wedges in Olinda. 

The seasons are finally shifting and the cold air is starting to blow. All of a sudden we've gone from an unprecedented spell of continuously hot hot hot days and nights, to a bone tingling chill. We've all been a little under the weather as our bodies and minds adjust. It feels nice to rug up and cuddle up in warmer layers though. I've quickly knitted Atticus up a beanie for the season (which makes him look like a baby again!), so we're definitely getting ready to embrace the colder weather!

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  1. These photos are incredible. Love the moodiness you've captured. Kellie xx