Friday, 6 September 2013

bali | part 2

Our second week we spent in beautiful Ubud in a traditional Balinese villa, located in the lush jungle...seriously! Yes, there were so many steps here and it was a little frustrating for Atti that there wasn't much straight ground to run around on, but we got a wonderful education into the world of spiders, ants, frogs, geckos, butterflies and sorts of other creepy crawlies. Atti would jump out of bed in the morning, open the doors and exclaim "Oh my goodness! It's so boootiful!" And really it was!

We did some day trips to a nearby volcano, a coffee plantation, the beautiful rice terraces and trips into town. We ran down (or stepped and stepped) to the breakfast bar every morning for the delicious banana crepes and for the first time, Atticus started to eat without much fuss. We had massages in the hut by the pool, played the harmonica on our balcony and enjoyed leisurely daily baths in the beautiful outdoor bathroom.


  1. Milena, it looks like you had the most wonderful holiday. Beautiful memories, beautiful photos - and that second to last one up there is absolute GOLD. I'm so jealous we have to wait till November for a holiday.. and it's only to my parents' place on the Gold Coast! ha x

    1. Thanks Tahnee...first time in Bali and we were truly impressed. But spending so much time together was just priceless! November will be here before you know exciting! X