Thursday, 5 January 2012

15 weeks...atti and the city

We took advantage of the glorious weather yesterday and trekked into the city for a day of exploring. The new Contemporary Art Space at the NGV has a beautiful exhibition on at the moment of Ranjani Shettar's magical sculptures. We stumbled upon it completely by chance but it actually turned out to be a wonderful first exhibition for Atticus as it has a number of large , colourful pieces, almost reminiscent of giant mobiles and playthings.

We headed over to the Botanical Gardens in the afternoon, where Atticus slept in his pram as we explored the grounds and then had a nice cuddle in the grass. Every time we make it to the gardens I am always bewildered by the fact that we don't come more often. Filipp and I vowed yet again to visit more often and try to coax our friends to join us for some picnics there this summer. (for anyone who knows me you will know that every time the summer rolls around, I go on and on about all these picnics that we're going to have...maybe this summer it might actually happen?)...picnic anyone?

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  1. I'll come to your picnic! I'll bring stuff too... not sure what yet... but something. :)