Thursday, 19 January 2012

4 months

Weight: 7kg Length: 65cm

Obsessions: Still finger sucking, and generally sucking on anything he can get his little hands on. 

Superpowers: Rolling over onto his belly... has done it solo 3 times already after much practice and determination. Generally getting much more active; tries to sit up all the time and is very strong and steady on his feet when held up! I think we'll be on the move very quickly indeed!

Social Skills: Loves to goo goo with mum and dad but becoming quite shy around strangers. Recognises me and Fil and is very quick to respond with a cheeky monkey smile. Remembers our little games and still squeals with delight and giggles away when we're blowing raspberries on his belly or nuzzling kisses in his fat little neck rolls.

Interests: Still Harry. Perpetually drooling (quite possibly due to some teeth scratching at the surface) and blowing bubbles. Studies my face as I look over him and is really happy to grab my nose and poke his little fingers in my mouth! Oh and the hair....loves to get his little fists on any hair he can get! Gently blabbers himself off to sleep(usually around 3am)...these are specific quite and soft sounds intended only for himself...terribly cute! Big big flirt with the ladies...

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